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Yooper Stone Necklace, Solid Silver, Yooper Lumeninte, Yooper Stone, Emberlite Necklace, Fluorescent Sodalite, Lake Superior Gift, UP Gift

Yooper Stone Necklace, Solid Silver, Yooper Lumeninte, Yooper Stone, Emberlite Necklace, Fluorescent Sodalite, Lake Superior Gift, UP Gift

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This Lake Superior Yooper lumenite silver necklace was made by me within our home in Wisconsin. The stone is a Lake Superior fluorescent sodalite (syenite in sodalite). It will glow in short wave as well as long wave UV i.e. a black light. The picture is of the stone under a regular long wave black light. They glow much brighter under short wave UV light but we know most people do not have those type of UV lights so we like to picture our lumenite under the regular long wave UV. This pendant is cut in a domed teardrop and set in solid sterling silver .925. The pictured 20 inch chain is also solid sterling silver. When you're wearing a piece of fluorescent sodalite you're of course not going to be constantly under a black light so I keep in mind that it's important to pick the piece based on both what it looks like in regular as well as UV light. This stone is beautiful either way. The pendant measures 1.16 x .57 in inches.

In the global market we encourage you to shop local by supporting artists and small businesses who cut stones safely and ethically within the U.S.A. All of our stones and fordite are made by us, within our home, in Wisconsin.

Our stones are mirror polished and so there will be reflections in the pictures. We take pictures in direct bright light that simulates what your stone will look like in direct sunlight. Stones look very different in low or artificial light. If it's dark when you receive them you can use the flashlight feature on your smart phone to see what they will look like in daylight. If you are new to semi precious stones please understand that these stones are natural and were found or dug from the earth. These are not faceted altered or manmade stones you see in stores. Natural stones (especially agates) may have features that would be considered flaws in a faceted stone or manufactured stone. Natural stones can have internal fractures, natural holes or geode areas. If there are features we as professional lapidary artists feel may detract from a stone we do our best to describe them in the listing description and show them in the pictures.We charge based on size and quality of the stone as well as market factors. We don’t dabble in the art of stone cutting. Brain is a full time lapidary artist so if you buy from us you are buying a high quality stone made by an experienced professional artist. We are a legitimate small business licensed as an LLC in Wisconsin. Our business mission is to create happiness through our art.

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