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Fordite Necklace, Fordite Jewelry, USA Made, Recycled, EB35

Fordite Necklace, Fordite Jewelry, USA Made, Recycled, EB35

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 This fordite necklace has really great color for this fordite type which is big on silver metallics. The fordite really shimmers in direct light from all of the metal flake within it. This is a large size fordite pendant in a leaf style teardrop flat front and back. It's reversible with different colors and patterns on the back side.The bail that secures the fordite and the included 19 inch chain are stainless steel. This necklace is made from fordite from 300 Drive Canton Mississippi.

The fordite measures: 1.76 x .83 in inches. See the pictures for scale next to a nickel.

Fordite is recycled automotive paint sourced from automotive factories as well as manufacturers who paint parts for new vehicles. It forms in thin layers as car parts are painted on the racks that hold them in place. After hundreds of trips through the booth where the paint is sprayed and then baked the excess buildup is scraped off the racks. We buy this waste paint in rough chunks and recycle it into beautiful jewelry. It can take hundreds of layers of paint to make a one inch thick piece of fordite. The original fordite came from Detroit and since then it’s also synonymously known as Detroit Agate. There is very little fordite that is truly vintage. Most that’s available is modern i.e. current or within the past 15 years. We prefer modern fordite as it’s water rather than lead based paint. There are many different fordite types and some are more valuable than others. You’ll find in our fordite listings we refer to the plant location that the fordite originated from rather than listing specific auto manufacturers or vehicles.You can easily google the plant location and get a list of vehicles painted there or just ask us. We love to talk fordite so if you are looking for a specific type or color odds are we have it, please send us a message. All of our fordite is authentic. 

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