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Agate Cabochon, Unique Dendritic Agate, Agate Cab

Agate Cabochon, Unique Dendritic Agate, Agate Cab

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This is a small stone I cut from a one of a kind dendritic agate I received in an old collection. I believe it's from Mexico but it's not one I've seen before. The stone has yellow and black dendritic lines that run through it as well as red and white areas though the white looks blue to me in some lighting. This is a domed oval that's polished on all sides.

This cabochon measures: .65 H x .44 W x .19 thickness in inches or 16.4 x 11.3 x 5 mm.

Stone cabochons can have natural imperfections. I work to limit or eliminate them in the stones I cut but you should keep in mind that natural stones are seldom perfect.

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