Collection: Petoskey and Greenstones

This collection includes two important stones to the state of Michigan. The petoskey stone is a fossil coral found in Petoskey Michigan and is the fossil remnant of an ancient coral reef deposited by the glacier. Petoskey's are light to dark brown with a hexagonal structure and often feature eyes. We have several different types of petoskey stone jewelry available. Michigan greenstones or chlorastrolite are a precious stones found in the Keewenaw of the UP and on Isle Royale. Collecting in Isle Royale is prohibited and has been since 2000. There are still collections of greenstones from there dating prior to that, however, the majority of the greenstones made into jewelry today including all of our pieces are from the mine dumps in the Keewenaw. We offer greenstone necklaces, greenstone rings, and greenstone earrings.