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Graffiti Paint Necklace, Solid Silver .925, Graffite, A Unique Piece of History, Tag Art, Graffiti, Beautiful Colors, Recycled

Graffiti Paint Necklace, Solid Silver .925, Graffite, A Unique Piece of History, Tag Art, Graffiti, Beautiful Colors, Recycled

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This necklace is made with graffite which is recycled graffiti paint. This paint came from a designated graffiti wall in a suburb of Seattle Washington. This type of paint is different than fordite It's not baked every layer and is made up of spray paint as well as any other paint types that a tag artist may have chosen to hit the wall with over a period of up to 20 years. The entire wall was scraped and the pieces are being recycled into art and jewelry. This cut has lots of color including greens, orange, and some red. Due to the material not being baked it's softer than fordite. It should not be exposed to extreme heat such as leaving it in a hot car in summer. It's otherwise quite durable. We also crafted the setting for this piece out of solid fine and sterling silver (925). The stone is held by a fine silver bezel.

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