About Us

This all started when my son (then 6 years old) brought home a rock and gem book and said "hey dad look, we can find these agates right where we live." Fast forward 8 years and we're avid rock hounds and I've been cutting stones and crafting jewelry ever since. I'm now full time as an artist and we're a LLC registered in our home state of Wisconsin.

I cut shape and polish all stones from my own rough. I'm also an expert in the cutting, shaping and polishing of Fordite. I got into fordite through my lapidary hobby and we are now a leader in fordite jewelry. We want our jewelry and stones to make people happy. That's the main goal in this venture and so long as we are succeeding in that we'll continue to produce and sell. You can expect us to do everything we can to make your buying experience a positive one. We believe that our jewelry should be both of high quality and affordable so we strive to create custom items that anyone can own.

Pricing: While we appreciate interest in our listings we do not accept offers from potential buyers for less than the listed price. We're priced in the wholesale range as compared to brick store locations.

Reserving Items: If you would like something reserved please contact us. We're good at working with you to hold items. If you decide you no longer want the item let us know right away so we can open it up to other buyers. If another buyer contacts us regarding your reserved item we may reach out to you to ensure you are still planning to purchase it.

Custom Orders: We have some limited ability to complete custom orders depending on the time of year. There may be an additional fee associated with custom work. 

Shipping: We ship all of our jewelry for free! See the individual listings for specific shipping/processing times as they may vary. We will ship the order to the address on the order only. We will not update an address after an item is ordered. Tracking info is available  via USPS. You, the buyer, are responsible for receipt of your package from USPS. We will not issue refunds for packages reported lost or stolen or not received after they've posted as delivered by the postal service. If USPS has marked your order delivered and you feel it was not call your local post office and speak to the postmaster. The delivery scan has a geo tag with GPS coordinates. Where it was delivered is known, exactly and so if there was a mistake they will be able to retrieve it for you. If your package appears lost in transit and the location has not updated for ten calendar days please contact us and we'll get it resolved for you. Signature confirmation on orders is at an additional cost.

We allow cancellations of orders at the buyers request up until we've shipped the item. Once shipped we will ask that it the order is returned in it's original unused form. We will then process a full refund.

Product Warranty: Our jewelry is made to last. Should you have any problems with a piece breaking (regardless of how - even if you dropped it) we will take care of you. For as long as we're in business we offer repair or replacement (our choice and one replacement per item) of any broken piece. We will decide whether to repair or replace your piece. Some stones are one of a kind and so we may not be able to replicate them but will work with you to use as similar a piece as possible. We require a picture of the damage to the piece for our warranty service to apply. We may at our discretion require a broken piece or component of a piece to be returned to us. In this case we will provide you with a shipping label to do so. Any intentional alteration of the jewelry from the form it's in when it's purchased voids the warranty.

Returns: We allow returns within our specified return window. We place anti wardrobing tags on some of our higher priced items. Wardrobing is fraud where an item is purchased with the intent to wear it for an event or period of time time and then return it. If you remove this tag you cannot return the item so be sure you love it before doing so.

Cancellations by us: We reserve the right to cancel and refund any order at any time prior to the ship by date for any reason we deem necessary. Once we have cancelled an order we may choose not honor any future purchases.

Our listings allow for domestic U.S. shipping. If you are outside of the U.S. and would like to purchase an item contact us and we will update the listing you are interested in to allow for overseas shipping.

Thank you,

Brian W.